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Connecting up AV gear


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Tell me... what is the best way for me to connect up my AV gear. I want everyting to play through my eggs, not the TV speaker.

I have:

LCD TV (with HDMI, digital out, component etc.)

Sky+ Box

DVD Player (on which I will also play CD's)

Home Cinema type Amp

Xbox 360

Kef 5.1 eggs

My main concerns are:

Should my xbox be plugged in to the amp directly, or should I let the audio come from the TV/amp connection?

What is the best means of connecting TV to the Amp?

What is the best way to connect X box?

Plus of course any other advice. 169144-ok.gif

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Plug everything into the amp directly...

tv audio out connections will be shite.

tv doesnt need connecting to the amp.... mute the tv, and never use its speakers. just get used to selecting audio source on the amp for the tv(sky+) or dvd or xbox etc!

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p.s. tv will need connecting to amp video output if you're doing it so the amp controls video source as well as audio source.

i find it easier to have amp controlling only audio then get watch tv picture whilst listening to music etc.

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