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Call of Duty 5 MP Beta


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Right, after playing this now for a few days i've got some major problems with it. First impressions were good but it's started to wear off already.

Here are the problems i've found with the game so far:

- The guns are all ****, they just don't feel like they've come from a Call of Duty game, this is a massive let down condiering how good guns felt on the last one.

You don't feel like you really want to use any particular one of them, they become incredibly boring very quickly.

The modelling of them looks like it was done by the work experience lads. Also the sounds they make are absolutely diabolical. Bolt action rifles are not one shot kill as they should be, making them all inferior to the SMG's and Machine guns, so everybody runs around with Thompson's which is not helped by the fact they have near zero recoil whereas rifles do. However putting a scope onto a rifle turns it into 1 shot kill....

Molotov cocktails, you have to be pin point accurate with them and the radius of their damage is so small they are useless and can only be thrown about 3 inches.

There's been an attempt at a sort of flashbang type grenade which just doesn't work at all.

This also applies to the "Aperture" sight they've invented, it's a reflex scope which never existed in WW2 but can be attached to Thompsons and Rifles.

- Rewards are practically non existent. For example, in COD4 you get 25 kills for a dot sight, 75 for a silencer and 150 for an ACOG scope. In the new one i'll take the BAR for example, you get 25 kills and unlock a bipod. And that's it. You've completed the challenge for it. You can do the headshots which again go up to 150 but you don't unlock anything, you just get an XP reward.

- Spawning is broken. Like really broken. I once spawned directly in the middle of enemy 9 times in one game and each time was killed instantly. Also when I was aiming down the site, the enemy were spawning constantly in the same place which meant they all got slaughtered immediately. Not a bad thing for me but I could understand the frustration they must have endured.

- The 3 maps in the beta are average at best, they are bigger than the maps in COD4 but are poor in comparison. Which doesn't say a lot for the other 6 in the final release.

- The introduction of vehicles is a mistake. This is COD not Battlefield. They are far to hard to destroy and just own everyone.

- The perks have all been carried over, which is fine, but the added new perks are ****.

- Artillery strikes last far to long. The new 7 kill streak reward....wait for it....is that you get to call in dogs. As in wild dogs on four legs that run around and maul everyone to death. This is ridiculous. They are totally unavoidable because they come after you constantly and take 2-3 shots to kill them depending on what gun you use. And because they run around very fast and the guns are **** if you have 2 or more after you, certain death is guaranteed. This is the case with a Thompson, if you have a bolt action or sniper rifle you have no chance.

- Why did they think it was a good idea to go back to the WW2 theatre? After the success of COD4 which I thought was great, doing this has made it fail. People will buy this game and play the single player, realise the new MP is **** and go back to playing COD4.

Why you might want to buy this game:

- The disc will be shiny.

- You like wasting money.

- You love bad games.

- You would want to play a game that isn't anywhere near as good as its predecessor.

- Kiefer Sutherland's voice acting is class.

Typical Treyarch, everything they did wrong with COD3 after COD2 was so good has just been carried over to this. Ah well, i've still got Far Cry and Gears of war to look forward to.

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There's a limited number of Beta keys to be given out, I wouldn't be surprised if they're all gone. It's just the 360 Beta at the moment but the PC version is to start imminently I think. I was in the COD4 Beta last year and within 2 minutes of playing was completely sold and couldn't wait for it. This was the exact opposite. I won't even begin to consider buying this game. I'll rent it for the single player but that will be as far as it goes i'm afraid.

I'm just so dissappointed with it, I persisted with it last night because I really want to like it. But I just can't. It's not just COD4 with different maps and weapons at all, it's much less than that. They've tried to fix the fix and failed. If you're expecting to find COD4 set in WW2 then it isn't here I can assure you. It's a load of poodle **** that gets thrown onto the enormous pile of other WW2 shooters that never delivered.

I know Treyarch have been working hard on this game, but I hope it has weak sales and they never get to touch the COD franchise ever again. Let Infinity Ward, the proper makers of Call of Duty (1, 2 and 4 - All the best ones), do their genius.

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