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Got my new car .... and have rejected it!


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The last two months I've had this feeling Audi would miss something off the build and I'd have to reject the car.

Would it be B&O? Perhaps the Lighting Pack? Perhaps SatNav?

Well the tail pipes weren't chrome like the brochure says but they said they'd talk to Audi. They have missed the front and rear parking sensors also. "Don't worry" they said "they can be retro fitted at the Audi centre."

Sort of ok .... ish.

Errrm how the feck are they gonna retro fit quattro! :ffs::ffs::ffs::ffs:

Drove home. Coming out of one round about I thought that felt like a wheel spun.... nah!! It's can't be and that was it.

I got home and noticed no quattro badge on the glove box....and then it was missing on the grill....and on the tailgate.

Under the car I go and I find this :


The round black thing is the centre of the wheel.....where I was expecting to see a drive shaft.

Just to convince myself of what I already new, I went to a near by junction and booted it whilst the wheels were at an angle. Massive tramping from the front wheels.

I've SMS'ed the salesman and he agrees I have to reject it. The paperwork is all correct so it doesn't seem like a dealer issue...apart from they didn't spot it. Admittedly the car did only arrive at theirs today.

So what to do now?

Get my S4 back? Use this car until a replacement turns up?

If it's another 8-10 weeks then the MMI 3G Sat Nav will be out or at least imminent so I reckon I'll be insisting on that.

I'm not particularly happy right now. :(

p.s. I'm more convinced that ever that quattro the correct choice for me.

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Gutted for you Scotty. When my friend rejected his A3 he got to drive around in the rejected car until the replacement arrived.

I guess it will depend on who is at fault, dealer ordering correct or manufacturer, my guess will be dealer ordered the wrong model!

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I had a similar problem with my first Audi back in 1998, since then I have alwsys demanded a printout from the Audi ordering system "Dialog for all the cars I have ordered. Out of the following 5 Audi's 2 were wrong, including my current S3 that had the phone kit on the dashboard and the FBMF Steering wheel missing. :ffs:

The problem you have is that they get admin workers to order the cars, fortunatley I found the issues in time.

Simple to me you reject the car but keep the current one at an agreed mileage until your replacement turns up, bet it doesnt take as long as expected +++

I would bet good money the dealer is at fault here!


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uber feckup of the highest order.

I'd expect a Demo RS4 or somesuch while they sort this out!


You need to get something good from them until yours arrives!

It's the least they can do.

They should have loads of cars in stock for replacement ordering

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Gutted for you what a feck up after waiting all that time and all the umming and ahhing on spec.

I'd be looking to keep it as a run around, till a replacement is got and tell them to make sure it is delayed till the new mmi is in build to make up for this mess, and first service free... :ffs:

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:ffs: No after the wait and the exitment this is the last thing you need. :mad:

I'd keep the car you have whilst they sort you our a new one plain and simple, didn't another TSN'er do it twice recently but I've forgotten his name. :o

At least you will get the chance to get the updated sat-nav with any luck. +++

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I rejected an A4 for a lot less than those problems. I asked to have my old p/ex back (another A4) but it had already been allocated to someone else and also I was no longer the registered keeper so it would have caused problems.

They let me keep the rejected car as it was already registered and insured under my name. However they then fecked up the replacement when it arrived 3 months later (missed off the heated seats). I rejected that one as well (which they agreed with 100%) and they ordered another one. I was bored with the saloon by then so changed it to an avant.

Another 3 months later I finally got my car and had used the original rejected one for 6 months and 5 days to be exact. When I gave it back I had put about 6k miles on it (and its tyres etc) and it had collected a few stonechips despite me doing my best to look after it.

I cannot see them being able to give you your S4 back as you're no longer the registered keeper etc. I imagine they'll ask you to stay in the new car until the replacement arrives - it's registered in your name, your insurance so effectively you just put it in p/ex when the new one comes for the full value of the original order.

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Aw Scotty, can't beleive it - that is a shockingly bad 'uck up on Audi's part, when I ordered my car my chap went through every last detail with me to make sure he was ordering the correct spec (funny that!!), so be interesting to hear who is to blame, and no doubt some lucky bugger is hooning around in urs at a third of the cost ....... chin up tho'

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Tell them you want a quattro loaner

In my experience they won't do it. A loaner would not be registered to him and they wouldn't be prepared to put you on their insurance for a one of their cars long term. It's OK for a short term thing like a courtesy car but not for potentially months. They won't hire you one either as that's going to cost them.

At the moment Scotty's car is registered to him and is insured by him. My guess is they'll offer to let him keep it until the new one arrives. During that time it'll be his to do whatever he wants, no mileage restriction etc. They'll take it in as a p/ex against the new one at no cost to him.

It means that until the new one comes, there is no risk to the dealer regarding ownership/insurance etc. I very much doubt he'll be able to get his S4 back for the reasons I said above.

As for who ultimately picks up any tab is down to the dealer and Audi to sort out.

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My Mrs really wants a quattro (she likes the reassurance that when you pull out you go and don't spin wheels etc

My concern is also the lack of quattro but also the lack of reversing sensors!! Who's gonna pay when the reat gets scraped?!?!

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