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Australian Grand Prix practice results


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It certainly is nice to see the top ten looking so different. If the grid ends up anything like that it could make for a really exciting race.

I have my fingers crossed for the Force India boys. After what happened to them at Monaco last year they deserve a slice of luck.

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Great start to the season.

Watched it on the digital red button channel and so far and its been excellent coverage by the beeb.

The highlights of previous races from the Mansell & Hill days was brilliant.

Plus theres not a c-ck commentator to be heard anywhere...!

Good weekend ahead +++

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Got the qualifying set up to record tonight then will drag myself out of bed on Sunday morning, the program is 6 - 9 what time does the actual race start is 7?

Makes it a bit easier to get out of bed :)

Don't forget the clocks go forward on Sunday!, does that make it better or worse? can never work it out! :confused:

Don't miss the start! +++

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The cars look odd, the rear wing looks like it is on 4:3 telly and the front on 16:9 telly

Agreed, think this year's bringing the biggest aesthetic differences in a long while. With such a difference in the rear wings hope we're gonna be seeing some tail-happiness this season :D :eclipse:

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A few more buttons on the steering wheel as well due to the dynamcally adjustable front wings and the KERS.

I do think the cars look odd but I'm sure we'll get used to them. The front wing looks pretty wide and very vulnerable. Rear wing just doesn't look right but it's also good that all these little winglets have dissappeared.

While watching some of the red button coverage and some of the old races, it reminded me how good some of the older cars looked especially around the Turbo era.

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Wow, an incredible set of results !

1 great britain Jenson Button 22 Brawn-Mercedes 1:26.202 :eek:

2 brazil Rubens Barrichello 23 Brawn-Mercedes 1:26.505

3 germany Sebastian Vettel 15 Red Bull-Renault 1:26.830

4 poland Robert Kubica 5 BMW Sauber 1:26.914

5 germany Nico Rosberg 16 Williams-Toyota 1:26.973

6 germany Timo Glock 10 Toyota 1:26.975

7 brazil Felipe Massa 3 Ferrari 1:27.033

8 italy Jarno Trulli 9 Toyota 1:27.127

9 finland Kimi Raikkonen 4 Ferrari 1:27.163

10 australia Mark Webber 14 Red Bull-Renault 1:27.246

11 germany Nick Heidfeld 6 BMW Sauber 1:25.504

12 spain Fernando Alonso 7 Renault 1:25.605

13 japan Kazuki Nakajima 17 Williams-Toyota 1:25.607

14 finland Heikki Kovalainen 2 McLaren-Mercedes 1:25.726

15 switzerland Sebastien Buemi 12 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:26.503

16 brazil Nelson Piquet Jr 8 Renault 1:26.598

17 italy Giancarlo Fisichella 21 Force India-Mercedes 1:26.677

18 germany Adrian Sutil 20 Force India-Mercedes 1:26.742

19 france Sebastien Bourdais 11 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:26.964

20 great britain Lewis Hamilton 1 McLaren-Mercedes 1:26.964 :eek:

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What a start to the season. :grin:

The coverage was great and is only set to get better. +++

As for the qualifying result, great to see Jenson at the sharp end again, it seems the car is very quick indeed, I do hope they confirm the stewards decision at the appeal.

Mclaren are nowhere and Ferrari not much ahead, nice to see things switched about a bit. The racing looks ultra competative and no adverts, oh the joy.

Lets hope the racing is closer than ever now the downforce is gone, roll on the race tomorrow. :eclipse:

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