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Portchester meet Sun 19th April


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It seems to be the same old faces that enjoys these meets in your neck of the woods. I wasn't that far away from you 4 years ago and would have joined you. Wish we had such a social gathering up here. Enjoy the meet +++

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Was great to see you all today, even the sun was out :cool:

A few snaps:

Biali Motorsport official checks that all photography isn't of company sensitive parts of the works vehicle (absolutely immaculate example Dan) .


What did Dave say to Robbin to induce this defensive stance?


The Biali crew limber up in front of the assembled machinery.


Smile boys!



Dan32 for your needs, the full size versions of the last two images are:



Feel free to fix them up, I'm rubbish at the post editing :ffs:

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Some cracking pis there BL, good to catch up with you, its been a while.

What a craking meet, one of the longest meets I have attended. Food was great as always apart from the chips needing another minute in the fryer.

Look forward to the next time.

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