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I blame Mook/Jon et al for showing me how much fun these were. Seem fairly indestructible too, apart from the engine, but then I'll just drop an STi lump in there as it's an EJ20.

I won't say how much I paid, but it was laughably cheap. - Love the looks, practical, quick and reliable. No-where to fall off, and means I can keep the E30 for serious abusing.


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Nice car mate +++

Don't know much about 'um. Whats the specs etc...?

2.0 twin turbo flat four, permanent four wheel drive, about 280odd bhp as standard I believe, very easy to extract lots more bhp's.

Bilstien shocks as standard, but that one looks a bit lower so may have been upgraded.

I have the previous shape one to that, and so far (touch wood) it's been totally bomb proof.

Myself, Mook, and Jon took it to the Nurburgring last year, where it consistently ran about nine and a half min laps, and had the living daylights thrashed out of it!

4 large blokes, a boot literally rammed full of tools and luggage, got spanked from the south coast of England, up to Manchester, across to Nottingham, back down to Dover, through Belgium to Germany, then all the way back again, and never missed a beat!

If it wasn't for the fact that I REALLY want a MK2 Golf GTi with a 20v Turbo in it (and will want one even more once Mook's taken me out for a spin in his) then I'd either keep it forever, or get a newer one like OMI's.

Awesome cars, and so much more grown up than an Impreza!

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Nice car, Omi. +++

I've had the previous model (like Tipex's, only a saloon) and the subsequent model (the BH5), which had 280bhp like yours. I had both cars at the same time as I couldn't bring myself to sell the older one, and ended up keeping it much longer.

The twin-turbo cars are proper quick, but a bit low-geared for me on the motorway.

Though it's easy to extract more power from them, as Tipex says, I'd steer clear of doing it with the twin-turbo cars. I think they're bomb-proof in standard tune, but I've heard of quite a few going bang after upgrades.

I very nearly bought a BP5 like Mort's a couple of years ago (very lovely car), and probably will next time round.

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Liking that Omi, especially in white, but only because that'll piss Duisberg off :P

How many ponies do those Jap imports have?

Loads of Jap imports come in white, it's their colour like we have 'British Racing Green' they have 'Japanese Racing White'.

As above, these twin tubby ones are about 280bhp standard.

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Following the above advice about not tuning the twin-turbo cars, the only mod I'd consider making is fitting an up-rated cat-back exhaust, which apparently can help level out the "Valley of Death".

For those that don't know, the 2nd and third generation Legacies have sequential turbos, a small one which operates at low revs, and a larger one which takes over higher up the rev range. There is, unfortunately for the state of your trousers, a teensy gap between the operating ranges of the two.

If you're giving the throttle all the beans, the small turbo's wastegate opens as you accelerate and dumps all its charge on the large turbo, giving constant loony acceleration.

If, as is more likely, you're on part throttle, it's a little bit scarier.

At about 3500rpm, the engine's making about 160bhp, and the first turbo's wastegate opens. But it's another 1000rpm before the big turbo starts making itself felt, and in the meantime, the loss of the first turbo's boost drops the power to about 120bhp. It's like a giant hand just pressed down on the car and added the weight of five people. This is the point at which you're alongside the articulated lorry, and you see a car come around the corner towards you. You naturally bury the throttle, but there's no boost to help you along.

For what seems like an age (but in reality is only a second or two) the car seems to pause, the rev counter barely moving, and then it hits 4500rpm and all hell breaks loose. You've suddenly got 280bhp, the giant hand has just swatted you towards the horizon, the rev counter is bouncing off the limiter, and the articulated lorry is a speck in your rear-view mirror. The oncoming driver has a glimpse of your grinning rictus, distorted by the g-force of acceleration, as you whip by.

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That sounds like proper driving to me. None of this nancy boy progressive turbo boost.

I should take you out in my 20VT Mk2 Golf - similar effect at 4,000 rpm :roflmao:

Isn't 4000rpm in a 20VT Mk2 Golf when the dilithium crystals come on boost, and all the stars (because it's night time obviously) turn into white streaks?

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