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As above....


Hi... I'm trading mine in for a A4 2.0T Quattro soon.

I got £11,100 for mine as a trade in. It will go on sale for about £1350 when they get there hands on it I reckon.

Plus a good discount on the A4


It's got....

5 Doors, Pearl Black, DSG, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Center Arm Rest, 18" Monza's (Brand New) Two Front Tyres 2/3mm

22K Miles, Fr/Rr Mub flaps, Full VW Service History (4th Service Due 7/09).

If anyone's interested for £12,500 it's yours or £13,500 with the 19" BBS Ch's...

or BBS CH's for £1k

Email me at [email protected]


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Well the wheels have gone and I've had to put the new OEM Monza II's on for the first time since getting then exchanged about a year ago...

It still has the Eibach Sportlines springs on tho'.

I do very much like these wheels and with them been new they really do stand out.

But I loved the BBS's and will miss them dearly.






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Sorry im alittle confused (its easily done), Audi are giving you £11,100 as part ex but you want £12,500 if you sell privately. Is that the jist? If so are you sticking to that or will you come down to near or on what Audi will give you?

I sort of had a deal on the table from someone for £12250 incl two new front tyres as it stands but he pulled out today...

£12250 to sell soon

£11100 no tyres trade in when my car comes mid / late June

I'm not fussed to be honest..

Been messed around by two people, both want it, live in the same area and have the same surname....

Funny in't it...

I just wanted it to go to some who cared about them like I do and not just a trader...


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