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What is required for a good Service?


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Hi All,

Just got myself an Audi A4 2.4 Convertible, Auto, Petrol.

Drives spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Service indicator has popped on the display!

Rang Audi re oil, they tell me (well one of the staff in parts dept) it takes 8 litres of oil!!..is that genuinely so??

Just want to do a service and have bought:

2 X 5 litres of 5/40 Fully synthetic Millers oil

Oil Filter

Air Filter

6 X NGK Spark Plugs (as recommended by Audi)

Have also bought Auto Glym roof care products...wash and a protector..He gave me it for £20!!

He stated i didn't have to bother with a fuel filter.etc.

Just wandered if anyone who has laready owned one, or has one, would give me any advice re servicing and general maintenance to save me any future bills!!...which thankfully, not many folk have reported..or these cars do seem to be reliable.

Any other advice re DIFF oil...gearbox etc.

Never had a car that feels this good before...its genuinely a dream to have and drive.

I would appreciate some genuine responses.

Thank you

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Hi, seeing as it's an auto, I'd get them to do the gearbox service too - where they change the gearbox fluid. It SHOULD be done every 40K miles, but many Audi dealers seem to forget to do it.

If you can find a decent VAG indy near where you are, he save you a fortune on labour and you should get decent service.

Where are you based?

I do like those Audi Cabs!

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my 2.5 v6 tdi takes 5.3 litres, yours is a 6 cylinder also so i would think about the same give or take, with the amount of oil you have youl be well in and have spare for top ups or next time. Do check it meets the recomendations like stated above or you may shorten the life of your engine

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Don't know much about the oily bits but from an Air-Con perspective neglect of the Cabin filters are the greatest cause of problems. They should be changed anually and as they block up they cause poor performance of the blower, the blower motor has to work harder and it can cause it to burn out, the blower motor resistor/controller can overheat and burn out and there will be more noise from the blower so lower comfort levels. Can be tricky to replace, that's why they get left, but not expensive and should be simple on an A4.

Richard :)

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