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Having lived that way for a year in'96/97 and having a holiday in 2006/7 - i can concur! Although Melbourne was great for eating and sport [going to the Boxing Day test at the MCG was a special experience], i fell in love with the beach style of Sydney.

I lived in Coogee and loved finishing work and heading to the beach every day [when not raining, which does happen a lot more often than people think]. I would sometimes head into Circular Quay at night and just sit on a bench for hours looking at the harbour [was a little love sick at the time!!]

Can't see my going back for a long time now, unless my lotto numbers come up!!

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It's a great trip - Melbourne to Mount Gambier is just beautiful. Trick is to take your time and try and find everything. I've done that trip probably 4 or 5 times now (Melb to Adelaide) and every time it's been different and just as interesting.

I put some effort into getting to know Melbourne this time too, and I appreciate the place a lot more. Previously I'd not 'got' Melbourne. It seemed very distributed and lacking in cool - certainly compared to Sydney anyway. I'm a bit of a City walker - I like to walk out and be in it so to speak, and to walk about all day - I just don't get that with Melbourne.

It seems to be all about the river there - and let's face it a slightly muddy brown Yarra is never going to be a competitor for the Sydney harbour :grin:

Currently planning to do the East Cost - Darwin down to Sydney. We'll jump the Gold/Surf coast though - been to Brisbane and the surrounds before, and it's like Any Europe Town Anywhere In The Med...Not very interesting.

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