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Weird Macbook Pro network problem


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Due to the size of this place and number of very thick stone walls I have to use range extenders to boost the signal around the place.

Originally I had just a Linksys WRE54G extender and that was supplemented last year by 2 TP-Link extenders (recommended by Andy Bangle) which work fine. The problem is that the Macbook Pro will not see the Linksys WRE54G when it's in range, in fact it struggles to load a page at all as though there's some sort of conflict going on.

If I switch the Linksys off then the pages load normally because the Macbook I think is picking up the TP-link that is further away.

Now the odd thing, I recently resurrected an old Sony laptop and that connects to the Linksys WRE54G fine with signal strength excellent and fast displaying of pages. But, if I turn off the Linksys then the Sony connects to the further away TP-Link with signal strength low and slow loading of pages. This is the exact opposite of the Macbook behaviour.

The other thing is that I can reach the Linksys config page from the Sony using but when I try that with the Macbook it just hangs saying trying to connect.

I have tried putting the Linksys on channel 7 whilst the TP-Links are on channel 6 but it made no difference, I just can't connect to the Linksys with the Macbook!!

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Hi Andy, I changed the channel on the router from 6 to 8 and the downloading is certainly faster through the TP-Link(s) which are on channel 6. But as soon I switch on the Linksys everything comes to a grinding halt on the Macbook but is flying on the Sony laptop. It certainly look as though the Macbook has a serious problem with the Linksys as my other wi-fi devices Revo internet radio and Denon internet radio both operate as normal using it as does the Sony laptop.

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Andy, thanks for that. Thought I was going mad, I'll leave the Linksys switched off as I don't think I really need it now I've got the two TP-Links (I bought them to boost the signal to an adjacent building if you remember and now those people have moved out. I'll review the situation again if the building is occupied).

Thanks again.

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