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Lease question.


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Working out the figures on a new Qashqai. Seen a few lease deals on the net. One thing I've noticed is that business lease deals even with the vat included are cheaper than the personal ones. Some on a two tear deal are £50 per month cheaper. Is there a reason? Can you just take out a business lease (the wife), pay the vat and not claim it back? Cheers.

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Business deals are cheaper as they are outside of the Consumer Credit Act. Lease company can therefore repossess if you are so much as a day late with one payment. Lots of other benefits for them to boring to mention.

You can claim 50% of the vat back if it is used for business (which it obviously will be.....!)

Plenty of sharks in the market so don't go with a "bedroom broker" Nationwide vehicle contracts or another of the big players is where you want to be.

They will also contact you towards the end of the deal to see if you want to buy it. Brother in law just purchased his Cupra R for a song at the end of his deal.

PM me if you want me to look at a deal for pitfalls if you want.

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Is there much chance of getting a discount on the new model?


Get an authorisation code of a Nissan employee.  I'm in the process of getting one for an ex-TSNer, to give to his Dad, to buy a new QQ, 

15% off list, no haggling or putting up with dealer BS. In his case, just over £3700 off.


If you know anyone who knows anyone, who knows someone, it's worth asking, no matter how tenuous the link.

I'm doing it as a favour to the person (for the second time; I can be nice sometimes) and my brother is doing it as a favour to me. 

He's only allowed 2 a year and this is his second so no more available I'm afraid. However there are rumours there may be a market for folk acquiring a code in exchange for some compensation for the time it takes to fill out the forms.  I hear £300-£500 often covers the cost of filling out the forms.

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Anyone have any dealings with these guys? http://www.tilsungroup.com/nissan-new+qashqai-1.5-dci-acenta-premium-5dr-diesel-hatchback-car-39383#.UvpXmH8gGSN Their 2 year deal is cheaper than most but I usually stay clear of the cheapest. We're looking at a 3 year deal and I've asked them for a quote. Just wondered if anyone (Booster!) has any insider knowledge. I've spoken to National Vehicle Contracts, who seem professional and asked if they'd price match. They said they would look at another quote to try and equal.

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