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It's just HIDEOUS!


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Errr, no... :wacko:


Ah, I see.  Okay so it isn't Cameron Diaz on wheels.  But hey, it'll grow on people. :grin:


Seriously though, shapes as distinctive as that can look amazing in reality.  I'll reserve judgement until I see one on the roads.  When I'm in London. :roflmao:

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That second picture is an impression from ages ago - don't be fooled into thinking that's the sneak preview. It'll probably look something like that, but I'd rather wait to see the real thing.  This is aimed squarely at the Chinese and Middle East market - whether that's actually in China and the Middle East or Kensington and Chelsea I'm not so sure... :P

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I had to go to the Bentley factory a couple of years back for work and got chatting to a production manager who gave me a bit of a low-down on this.


Nothing secret to report other than their 2nd biggest market after the US in 2012 was China. This was back then fairly fresh news to them as a business.


Have you seen some of the crap car designs coming out of China??!


In reality though - should Bentley really care? This will end up on the drives of the Bentley die-hards next to their Contis or Flying Spurs as a suitable replacement for their Range Rover to get Ruport and Hugo to school on time. Or else otherwise, it's something a bit different for a footballer, WAG or pop star to be 'papped' in filling their boot with posh looking shopping bags and perhaps demonstrates to the world more recent 'fashionable-ness' than a Rangey or Cayenne.


It'll sell like hot cakes i'm sure.

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