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1: Life on the Limit


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This is a documentary that every petrol head should watch, with none of sensational hype of Rush or Grand Prix: The Killer Years, it's about the drivers (many who're no longer with us - RIP) and the dark past of Formula 1.

I was a child in the 1980s and remember seeing F1 races on TV and remember the big names of the era. This brought all of that back and filled in a lot of the details about the decades from 1970-2000 where every talented driver was a household name, driving for the love unlike several of today's drivers who are there due to $$$$ they bring.

It's even better than the trailer +++


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Unfortunately my work server does not allow youtube, is this "F1 - the killing years"? If so I have seen it & it is VERY poignant indeed.


If not, please can you give me the time & channel?



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Like Jim said, a tenner on DVD or 18 quid on bluray, other sources exist :)

The film is made up of original tv footage, behind the scenes hand held film, and interviews with the likes of Damien Hill, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi and Jackie Stewart. Max and Bernie (and Dr Sid) are also interviewed about their struggle to make the sport safer.

This is a clip that was dropped from final edit of the film, guessing vimeo will be blocked for you too E.


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