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Formula E - Onboard lap of Donington Park


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Would be nice to see a lap not in wet conditions, that was a 1:26 which is about what I do in the dry. (Much quicker than I manage in the wet, though!)

I'm certainly not doubting your skills as a racing driver, however even I can get round there in 1h 26m.....just:-)

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It's fun to play with, but there's nothing surprising in the line, nothing that shouldn't be apparent after a few laps. 


Also, I have to wonder about it... it has a GT3 RS4.0 topping out at the end of Starkey's at about the same speed I used to hit in my plan-jane 996 Carrera 4S, back in the days when I drove like Miss Daisy on track.  Surely it can do better than that?

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