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RM Sotheby's, London - Results


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More classic car porn! http://rmsothebys.com/lf16/london/results/

Feel free to post up your favs but to get the ball rolling ...

Lot 114: 1986 Audi Sport quattro

Chassis no. WAUZZZ85ZEA905076
Sold for £403,200



Lots of Porsches went through on Wednesday.


http://rmsothebys.com/lf16/london/lots/1995-porsche-911-gt2/1082305  - £1.8m+ for an 95 GT2.

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Yes.  400k for a Quattro Sport which were sub 40k within the last ten years.  1.8m for a 1995 911 that was sub 100k within the last ten years.

Quotation from pjbrs on Audi SRS on the Quattro Sport:

"I almost bought one 20 years ago, but got put off by a Wright[sic] up in car magazine, saying they would be incredibly expensive to maintain.  icon_redface.gif

There was a white one for sale at a dealers in Fernhurst about 10 years ago, I used to drive past it going to work sometimes it was up for £26k stood next to a white ford rs200 for similar money.

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