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Too low, a manual and a little too garish for the poor girl. I sat in one there, your bum is about an inch off the ground. Makes a lurvely car. They started it up and reved up, and it is the loudest thing ive ever heard, just like a formula one car, they said it sounds better than the enzo. The Pagani sounded out of this world to boot, a differant sort of sound deeper, but it is a 7.3 and a V12. As he let the reves back down, the car produced this pop which is just like the sound of a small atom bomb exploding on your foot. In a smaller less powerful engine, that pop would be the sound of it imploding!

They were selling the GT's for 385k a piece, sold 6, have another 2 in the showroom. Inside they are very placky, when my girlfriend sat in it she said she prefured her KA. Women!! smashfreakB.gif


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