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Does anyone else here use the wonderfull world of BitTorrent?

I have been using this for around 6 months now and have to say it is the BEST 169144-ok.gif

I find the best site for this is www.suprnova.org ... make sure you use the .org site as there are other "copy" sites around that are naff. (for example .net etc....)

You have to download the client (I currently use bit tornado, but there are newer ones around) and it then runs in the background silently until you download something.

You only "share" files that you are actually downloading at the time and when you finish downloading each file, you stop sharing.

I find the apps sections especially good.

I've been using to dowload stuff on a seperate machine to keep it isolated, but in 6 months the machine has remained free from attack ... and its downloading more or less constantly.

The only thing it doesnt like is zonealarm.

If you are new to it, it would be best to register and read the forum "how to's" before starting.

Sorry if this is old news, but I thought I'd share ... scuse the pun tongue.gif

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just download any simple BitTorrent client. it is easy. you go to the website as above, click on any item of interest and a small torrent is downloaded to your pc. you click on that and yout BtT client takes over and connects to get the file if anyone is online with it available. MUCH fatser than Kl++ i find

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Adam ... go to www.suprnova.org and register in the forum .. from there you will have access to a vast ammount of info and they will show you the way.

I have used all the p2p avenues around, and can safely say that the "torrent" way is the best.

99% of the files you downlaod are good files and most are vetted by the sites ... unlike emule etc ...

Very basically, the client donloads hashed chunks of files from loads of other downloaders .... as you download, you also upload the file into a "web" of other downloaders (called leeches).... some of the files I downlaod are coming from 100+ people at the same time, each sending different chunks

Anyway ... its ponitless me realing off loads of stuff that you can read on the website.

They give excellent advice on anything from choosing the client and downloading, to choosing the right codecs for viewing and choosing software to burn onto DVD.

Once you have the client downloading, you can go into the "apps" section to download all the other software they recommend

Basically they have all the answers ... happy leeching 169144-ok.gif

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