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Lexus RX300


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I rate the RX300, and if the Top Gear Survey is anything to go by, so do its owners.

If you want a 4x4 that handles like a car, get an X5. If you want an equally stylish looking one (IMO!) that's full of toys and never goes wrong, it's definitely worth considering the RX300.

If you want a 4x4 that's any good off-road, I believe the RX300 is slightly better than the X5, but that's relative - if you're going properly off-road you need a Disco3, Range Rover or Landcruiser.

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Off roaders??? nah. Don't get them, only off-road bit 99.9% of them do, is mount the curb by accident.

you thinking of one Lodders? Not bored of your Alpina yet - surely? Completely different. Going from a focussed sports coupe to a wallowy armchair - you'll soon be back to the focussed coupe!

Boot space is poo, BUT they won't go wrong and will be very comfortable.

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My neighbor has an RX - its incredibly ugly, looks like hyundai, nasty interior, suprisingly little room inside, doesnt go off road at all (SO WHAT IS THE POINT???), doesnt have the typical 4x4 high driving position and is an old mans car. If your gonna buy a toyota 4x4 get a land cruiser, its actually called a lexus LX in the states. Otherwise get a new Discovery saw one at a dealership the other day - a great piece of machinery! I have a serious lust for one... in gunmetal grey with a V8 mmm...

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just couldn't drive a subaru without a 'WR1' ot 'STi' badge on it though 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Then perhaps the Forester STI May be of interest.

260 bhp standard ... they remap it for UK fuel to 280 bhp before you get it.

2.5 DOHC 16 valve AVCS, Intercooler Turbo

260BHp@5600 rpm (Litchfield Standard Remap 280bhp)

275lb/ft@3600 RPM (Litchfield Standard Remap 300lbft)

6-Speed Manual

Brembo Brakes

18" X 7.5 JJ Alloys

Front LSD

Rear LSD

AWD with Centre Diff

Large Intercooler with STi Logo

STi Exhaust

STi Stickers on Foglamp Covers

STi Instrument Panel

STi Leather Steering Wheel

STi Leather Shift Knob

STi Leather Handbrake Handle

STi Bucket Front Seats

Just look at the full spec and pictures here

Surely it would be rude not to at least have a go in their demonstrator before you make your mind up.

Apparently these are only .4 of a second slower to 60 than the impreza STI !!! tongue.gif

Plus, Litchfields are the makers of the almighty type 25 impreza that beat a Gallardo round the track. Hailed as the "worlds best impreza" which means they know about remapping.

Blimey ... I'm even getting myself excited grin.gif

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