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[Audi A3/S3] S3 Serviced!


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I had my S3 serviced today, its first AVS one.

The bill came to £381 EEK2.GIF which apparently included a discount off the heldex oil change? now i didnt expect it to be that much but heres a breakdown of what was invoiced!

Let me know if i have been robbed?


1st AVS Service £153.89 plus VAT

Brake fluid change £48.96 plus VAT

Heldex oil changed £34.97 plus VAT


Seal £0.12 plus VAT

Filter £4.00 plus VAT

Filter El? £11.22 plus VAT

Mobil 1 Oil x5 £49.98 plus VAT

Brakefluid x2 £10.20 plus VAT

Screenwash £2.02 plus VAT

H/D Oil £8.55 plus VAT

Plug £0.60 plus VAT

Total incl VAT £381.30

Note that now they have used Mobil 1 oil and not Castrol SLX which i was normally putting in, also the service indicator is around 9800miles to next service? does this mean that they have put me on a fixed service? In my service book it says its on AVS though? confused.gif

The xenon lights have been checked and also the engine undertray has been exchanged for a new one as RAC broke the other one!

So whats you view`s people? been reamed or not?

Cheers beerchug.gif

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Seems a bit bloody steep to me yaar. Looks like u have been well and truly ripped off by ur local friendly and courteous dealer the_finger.gif

Heres a breal down of mine done on the 12th march 03

Labour: 138.13

Screenwash: 1.73

Filter: 6.50

Haldex oil: 8.55

Element: 11.55

Washer: 0.11

Longlife: 57.55

TOTAL: 77.03

Discount: 8.55

Discount: 24.37

Total inc VAT: £252.81

They have recommended that the brake fluid be changed by the next service and even that is only £70 with the labour.

So there u have it mate, make ur own deductions. And i aint gonna post this reply across all 3 forums like u Riz the_finger.gif

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mine from wayside was £300 and a couple of pence

1st AVS (18 k)

Haldex oil change (was due at 20k)

No brake fluid like you... (not req. changed anyway later anyway with swapping brakes)

and i bought an air filter and fitted it myself as you dont get one till second service.

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I worked it out and it works out at around £100 per hour, now that cant be right cos they charge around £60 per hour?

So then people ive been ripped off? nothing much i can do can i? frown.gif

They only had the car for 3.5hours and that included the FOC wash and clean!

I will be having STRONG words when the customer service guy rings up in a few days time!

Do you think that the labour charge is fixed by them when servicing?

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The labour charges do work out at approx £60ph, it's only £100 ph if you include the parts, and the large cut that the government have taken off you.

I've found that Audi charge a fixed price for a job, so they'll charge the fixed 30 mins for something even if for 25 mins of that the technician was having his post-job smoke outside.

I think the service indicator will go up, but double-check with the dealer as they reset mine wrongly at the first service of my first S3.

I've always looked at the AVS as being two services of a 'normal' car rolled into one - ie. a 10k inspection added to a 10k fluid service - all that you save is the hassle of getting it there etc. Overall though it's still worked out cheaper than the servicing of the Golf VR6 I had before.

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