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Next MK meet - Wednesday 3rd May


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Wednesday this month - well unless people prefere otherwise.

Free Tyresmoke sticker for the 50th person there this month.


The Caldecotte Arms

Bletcham Way


Milton Keynes,



01908 366188

The pub is just under the A4146 sign to the right of the A5 on the map below. Usually park up in the rear of the car park from 1930 onwards.



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A8 washed and polished today, so it should still be presentable on Wed!

With luck I should be intoducing a new recruit with his rather excellent Cup spec 182...

See you all on there! beerchug.gif

P.S. Don't need the TSN sticker as my Z is still stickered up from LM05. jump.gif

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Stop putting people off attending.

[/ QUOTE ]

Errrrrrrrr, everyone attends with M1-filth-streaked cars anyway, hence the 'blah' smiley. Bit of an 'in joke', with Nik and Shao seemingly having their monthly competition for the most dust-glazed cars. I fully appreciate I am probably the only person who washes their car on a Saturday or Sunday and garages it until Wednesday. Shame about my car itself, eh!? Nik does high miles, as does Shao when he drives rather than commutes by train. However, when your host arrives looking like THIS though Daz, you do have to wonder whether he is doing it on purpose.... tongue.gif


<font color="#666666">PS: Bowen used to give his car a rinse immediately before setting off for MK meets though! Not even I have time for that!</font>

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Well the Canon is on charge Nik ready to capture your freshly-megged D2. Wondefully light evenings now, making photography much easier than last month - when you arrived the sun had already dipped below the horizon. Hopefully we can get some more members now the summer is coming. Back in April 2005 - when I arrived in the Sportback with Toby - we had over 15 cars!

Like last month also, I will endeavour to be there by 7:30pm or shortly after.

Matt - believe food is on me this time. Please do not feel rude to remind me if I forget.


<font color="#666666">Edit - just glanced over to see the Canon is now charged. Bring it on....... </font>

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