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[Audi A3/S3] Reversing re-map


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I am in the process of negotiating a deal for an s3 with the following spec-

2001 Audi S3

50,000 miles

Metallic Black

Full leather and heated recaro S3 seats

Cruise Control

Stealth ECU re-map to 275-285bhp depending on settings

Bose Sound system with integrated sub-woofer

Drilled and vented front and rear discs

Climate Control

Xenon Headlamps

18" RS4 wheels

Wireless Bluetooth Hands-fee car kit (wired internally)

Just serviced (1000 miles ago and 4 new tyres)

Now as I am only 23 years old (and not willing to hide the remap from my insurers) it seems likely that if I buy the car I will want to reverse the remap back to the standard Audi settings. Would it be possible to take it to my local Audi dealer so they can re-flash the ecu back to standard? I would want no trace of the re-map whatsoever.

Also what do you think would be a fair price (being sold privately)? And more importantly what realisticly do you think I could get him down to! He is a friend's boyfriend who I know has maintained it to an immaculate condition irrespective of cost.

Many thanks for your responses guys.

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The dealer will not be able to simply reflash the ecu and remove the remap. They would have to physically replace the ECU and for that your talking £4-600. Try finding out which make of remap it is and then contact the 'mapper' and ask them to remove it.

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Personally id get the seller to revert it to stock.

Most of us go through the throws of sell it modded, or return to stock at some point.

if a sale , was dependant on ecu being stock, then id probably pay for it to get reverted back to standard, within reason. Lots of cars about, and not so many buyers, make him do some leg work.

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