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Gumball 2006 starts from Pall Mall on Sunday !

Calm Chris

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Loading up the camera batteries as we speak.

Anyone else plan to pop down and have a look at some very special metal?

The lime fezza and the purple lambo, not my taste but worthy of a few pictures wink.gif



Gumball site

Sunday 30th April:

This is the start day! Cars will park on “display” in Gumballs own “pit-lane” on Pall Mall (London W1, between Trafalgar Square and St. James Palace) between 1-4 PM, and the flag will drop between 4-6 PM, sending drivers en route to a Midnight checkpoint in Belgium via the Eurotunnel.


Mini meet anyone? Sports cafe mid afternoon 169144-ok.gif

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Having seen the poor chap in Le Mans taking about 20 mins to load our Skyline onto a flatbed, with about 50 of us crowded round and filming for evidence, I wouldn't want to be the poor sod that has to unload that lot! blush.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

This year, the Gumball is doing a couple of days in Europe, a couple of days in east Asia and a couple of days in the US. For those people planning on doing the whole thing, the cars have to be loaded onto a plane and flown to the next destination each time. Apparently, the logistics have already caused a few headaches smile.gif

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"First ticket of the rally!

The car Maximillion is driving during the 2006 Gumball got a parking ticket while parked in front of the Trafalgar Hilton during the launch party last night. The car belongs to Nods (Driving the FLA5H Lamborghini) so he will get the ticket send to his place. They also tried to give Team Polizei a ticket but they took the license plates of the car earlier".

jump.gif That cheered me up a bit 169144-ok.gif

Here's their car (with number plate) grin.gif


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I'm off down towards Pall Mall via tube journey.

Orange polo top, chino's, light coloured jacket, scruffy hair hair, brown Rockport boots, an umbrella and accompanied by a short round Indian guy.

If anyone is going, I'll try to pop in the Sportsbar on Haymarket about 14:30 and shout TSN a few times

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