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Flat Spot after changing MAF

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I currently drive a Mk4 Golf TDi 2000(W) with engine code AGR and 78000 miles. The car had lost power so I disconnected the MAF and the car flew. This meant the MAF is U/S. I fitted a new one but it now has developed a flat spot in all gears between 2000 and 3000 revs.Any ideas.

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Check the rubber seal around the MAF sensor where it goes into the airbox - they are renowned for being a pig to get in and can sometimes slip off, leaving an gap where unfiltered air can get in and cause the MAF sensor to give a duff reading.



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The saga has ended. I had the car serviced by VOLVO!!! ( I know the servicing manager). Got a big discount on a genuine part frm VW. I'll not get a refund on the faulty part from a trader on E-bay though. I have asked for a new one as a spare. Thanks for all your help MOOF or MOOG or MOOK.

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