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very sorry but the price reductions are govened by snooper i'm afrade.....i'm selling the new laser pro park which is a very good unit.

"The Laser Pro is the only device on the market to use such high quality lasers and lenses giving huge advantages to both reception and coverage. The unit is supplied with a single laser sensor which can be fitted to either the front or the rear of the vehicle, additional laser sensor heads are available which plug in to the same junction box.

The unit uses the licence free 904nm laser frequency. The same frequency as used by several motor manufacturers eg. Nissan’s adaptive cruise control system which uses laser to determine the distance immediately in front of the vehicle and to deactivate the cruise control if the stopping distance is considered to be too short. Police laser guns use the same 904 nm frequency also.

In order to prevent interference with other laser based systems the Laser Pro Park has been designed to alert the driver of possible interference & if necessary switch the system down. Should new laser frequencies be allocated by the Home Office then the unit can be upgraded in the field using the USB port in the junction box. We believe the Laser Pro Park will increase your driving pleasure and keep you and your vehicle safe from unnecessary damage for many years to come."

taken from the units spec sheet. PM me if your interested or if you need to know more...will be very happy to help 169144-ok.gif

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