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My babe is having cosmetic work done

Calm Chris

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I paid £24k in December 2002 and bought myself a European companion from Wolfsburg.

She's coloured, black without trying to be un PC and over the years she has been good to me 169144-ok.gif

She has accepted all my demands, being spanked occasionally, ridden gently and ridden hard.

Always she has been responsive and eager to please, but she isn't a cheap low maintenance type of girl frown.gif

She likes expensive make up, makes me wash her twice a week and she has a bad drinking habit (and an even worse habit of letting gas out her rear). She likes expensive shoes and expensive pampering of her parts, every 6000 miles.

The other Saturday I left her at home and found out the next day that she had been assaulted shocked.gif

Some one had tried to stab her and left her with heavy scarring on her bottom and both sides. I took her to the Doctor and he advised that replacement of her skin pigment would be required to the damaged areas.

The Doctor suggested that we had in some minor work caused by stones being thrown with power at her face and neck.

I took her to the police station, but nothing could be done to find the assailants mad.gif

This morning I dropped her off at the hospital crazy.gif

The surgeons have suggested 7-10 days before she will be fit to come home. They say it will be kinder, not to visit.

This is the 1st time in 41 months that my baby won't be at home with me.

Help I'm distraught.

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I paid £24k in December 2002 and bought myself a European companion from Wolfsburg.

[/ QUOTE ]

I thought you'd been married longer than that?

Not a bad investment for a lifetime of not having to do the ironing though. 169144-ok.gif

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