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R36 Community?


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Listen peeps,

Just had a thought,what if I do actually manage to obtain a "mythical R36" early next year...............

Will I be excommunicated from the fellow bretheren, in the R32 fold?

Will I be considered a "nob" for buying one?, on the basis of everyone thinking I am suffering from an extremely bad case of "bigger number oneupmanship"

Will I have to grovel to smudge, and request my own little personal "R36 monologue" site?

The list is endless, and I can see sleepless nights ahead,have I done the wrong thing here, by putting wonga down, on the off chance of getting one.......... EEK2.GIF

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Make sure you save those US dollars to ship it back from the old US of A.

Cos that's the only place they will be sold (so far) matey!

If in-fact VeeDub actually get round the fact that there is a 20-30 week waiting list for the R32 and then think "I know, lets build a complete new car and have another waiting list and miss out on loads of money"

I'll eat my hat if I see a R36 right hand drive in the UK before 2008.


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