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Its getting easier.


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Hi Guys

Well it’s been nearly a month since the wife moved out and as many of you rightly said time does make a difference. I have had great support from my friends, family and of course the replies to my 3 posts in this section by great TSN members 169144-ok.gif

I joined a gym about 2 weeks before my wife left and have now lost 13 pounds in weight in the last 5 weeks. I wasn't fat before but at 5' 8" I feel much healthier at 11st 13pounds. Bizarrely enough I think 11st 7pounds will be ideal. Feeling good about this and it has given me something to focus on 3 evenings a week, plus the scenery is not bad in the gym either shocked.giftongue.gif

I still find the entire situation very hard and I am sure there will be several bad days to come over the next 6 months whilst the divorce goes through BUT the summer is coming and in more ways than one the sun will shine on me again soon.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words, advice & support.



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