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*BE VERY QUICK* Navman Icn 520 SatNav


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Pc world are offloading their stock of Navman icn520 satnav system for £129.

These are the systems that everywhere else is doing for £250-300

If you use the following code YAWM06 you can get some money off that about covers the postage.

If you want one i would be quick. these are on-line ordering only.


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everywhere is doing them for between £250-300. I wanted one as you can load tomtom software on them and also they have US/Oz/NZ for them

Enjoy and I am pleased that you managed to get one. not like the ipod offer i posted too late


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ordered one. thanks for the promo code 169144-ok.gif very nice of you to share, decided not to try to resell for a profit but couldnt help get one for myself even though im always able to find my own way laugh.gif

how good are these units? whats the compariable in the tomtom range and has anyone got a good review i can read on the unit?

thanks again

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how good are these units?

[/ QUOTE ]

They're very good - I've been using one for a few months now and the only niggles I've found are:

1) The touch screen is sometimes not so sensitive at the edges of the screen

2) It can take up to a couple of minutes to get GPS lock sometimes. Othertimes it gets lock within seconds.

3) You can't search for a full postcode. Ie, you can't search for SN8 3TE, but you only SN8 3 and then narrow it down using the street name etc.

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