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I went to Ikea this evening

Calm Chris

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Right, it's not quite what the post says.

The car has recently had 30% of the body resprayed due to some keying work and some wear on a 42 month old car.

I pick it up Thursday and it's raining (so no easy full visual inspection of the work), all weekend it rained, Mon and Tues evening, it rained.

So earlier tonight I cleaned the car at home to look at the paint work and it rained frown.gif.

I had to drive to IKEA to buy something, got there, didn't go in to the store, but found a half empty car park under the store (full artificial lights and dry) and spent 3 hours toweling the car down and going thro the Megs 1(only in patches) ,2 and 3 treatment.

The neon lights and the underground parking were perfect for me to check the body shop work and do the honours with the polish and wax smile.gif.

Unlike parking my car outside the house, where when waxing / cleaning etc.. I get constant grief from fellow neighbours ("you can do mine next", or "you're polish the paint off" type comments) I wasn't hassled once 169144-ok.gif.

Pretty sure that they all just thought 'nutter' grin.gif

Most of the time I was working, just outside the canopy (well the warehouse is on stilts) parking at IKEA Edmonton, in was chucking down cats and dogs.


Hey ho, the car looks as good as new, it was gleaming heart.gif.

So after that I took my babe for a quick spin (in the rain)and now it's sat outside in the rain looking great. Pitty she will need a clean when it dries out.

That's what owning a car you heart.gif is all about

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