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hi, i am new user to the VAG COM scene and im looking to get one. All i want to do is scan the car and maybe clear faults.

Looking to get a fairly cheap-ish one. Also how user friendly is it? I dont want to be letting off airbags or disabling the ECU.

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I'm considering buying from them and wondered how people fare with custom charges? I'm wondering if it's better to buy from a UK stockist, even if it is more expensive. If the duty for a US order reduces any potential saving, then the benefits of a UK order for warrany purposes would make it preferable.

UK Seller = £258

US Seller = $349 = £185 with the potential for over £40 of customs/post office fees

(Above don't include P&P fees, whatever they are.)

Ooo! £260 inc delivery. I fear my cc make be taking a battering soon. slap.gif

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I'm in the process of ordering. I'm now wondering if PayPal or Barclaycard will offer a better exchange rate on the purchase... coffee.gif

I opted for the credit card - I don't like PayPal at the best of times.

Right! Done! I'm sure the wife will believe me when I tell her the teeny ickle cable only cost £25. UHOH7.GIF

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I've taken over the thread, haven't I? Sorry. blush.gif

But how about this for service? I've just checked my email and it looks like it's been sent already!

Date/Time Activity Location Details

Aug 14, 2006 8:13 PM

Left origin


5:32 PM

Picked up


3:12 PM

Package data transmitted to FedEx

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I have just received a bill from FedEx for £42.27 SAUER0421.GIF

znaika.gif If you're in the market for a cable then my advice is do not buy it direct from the US. It's simply not worth the hassle. If not for the fees imposed by Customs, then for any potential warranty issues. (Eg Cost of return shipping, time frame, etc)

Over the years, I've ordered lots of goods from outside the EU and it used to be the case that you avoided fees more often than not. Being 'caught' was simply unlucky. However, in my experience, the opposite is now the case. You have to assume you will receive extra Customs fees and not having them levied is lucky. This is the last time I chance it. smirk.gif

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great news Sponge, sorry to hear about the fedex charge, you win some, you loose some.

my vag-coms had a few outings this month on a mates Octavia, so it has its uses as well as my own, although it does tend to get used more on other peoples cars!

so far..

my S3

B6 A4 Avant

New Beetle

Golf Mk4 (x2)

Golf Mk3

Passat saloon (x3)



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