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RNS-E Radio Reception poor - electrical interfnce?

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I've been unhappy with the radio reception on my RNS-E for sometime, mostly on Radio 2 which has always had a strong signal in all my other cars.

Anyway, i have had bad reception, and today i noticed that when i unplugged my mobile phone from the cigarette charger the reception got a whole lot better ! (note, the reception interference was not from the signal of the phone, as this was the case even with the phone turned off)

So it would seem that my radio is picking up interference from the electrical systems in the car, Is there anything I can fit inline with the Radio to try and clear this ?

(its a RNS-E that myself and CraigyB fitted, so I cant really ask the Stealer)

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So, it's probably the charger which is generating the interference. Is reception still bad if you leave the charger plugged into the lighter socket, but with the phone disconnected?

Rather than messing with the car wiring, I wonder whether it's worth trying some L/C supression installed in the charger itself (if you can get into it), or building a short extension lead with supression built in to that.

Perhaps the simplest solution is to try a different charger?

I have my phone charger permanently connected (below the centre console) and have never been aware of any untoward effect on the RNS-E.

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I'd agree with peterb - it sounds like there may be a switching regulator in the phone charger which is generating the interference.

That could be conducted (through the car wiring) or radiated. Either way I wouldn't mess around with the car wiring - I'd try a different charger.

Is your charger sold by the phone manufacturer or is it a third party one?

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