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R32 for Sale


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Much to my disgust the missus has decided she wants a new BMW 335 coupe - so ordered one.

So, our R32 is for sale, Black on Black leather, r321lz1.jpg manual, ofcourse the dealer has made an offer!

If anyone wants a bargain then let us know.

1500 miles, oil + filter change at 1000 miles - pic attached

No probs if no interest, cheers, Harry

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Harry might you consider taking the guessing on price out of the equation confused.gifgrin.gif

What do you want for it, bottom line, no offers confused.gif.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ok fair enough,

Bottom line is £22,500 no offers, that £500 more than dealer has offered.

Car is perfect, v low miles, just waxed.


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