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Yep, I've just read it, and the one they used was an absolute minter. I'd been looking at DC5 integras recently, but after seeing that article, really want a DC2 now!! There will probably be a massive demand for them now that that article has been written! (especially for black ones, which I believe are quite rare as they were only offered in the UK later in their production life).

I really think the DC2 is a proper Blokes car, and the DC5, well, dare I say it, a little bit feminine (cue DC5 owners flaming session). Even David Pinkney called his own touring-car a girls car - hmmm, did he mean the pink paint job or the car itself???

I just thought to myself seeing the black DC2 in that article it just looked well-hard. The wheels looked right, the colour looked right and the lights look brilliant. The JDM version has oblong lights at the front which IMO don't look as good as the UK version.

I could have finally found a replacement for my A6 as a second car, although I reckon I'll be driving this alot more than the Audi!

Now, to the classifieds!!!!

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hi mate

i agree the honda integra dc2 are very sweet drive

as i have 1 for the weekend car andfor track use

its a 95 integra dc2 si turbo

in pirates black, 1.8 vtec dohc, full turbo conversion, full bodykit, full exhaust,

18 inch alloys, 2 tone leather, 300bhp on tap.

very sweet machine!!

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