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Delivery Question


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Snail, I saw something when I was in the Post Office the other day that said you can get your mail delivered to a Post Office if it's difficult to receive it at home. It was only a small poster on the wall, but you should ask - might make things much easier for you.

Anyway, I thought we'd had this discussion in another thread - why haven't you done anything about it yet? tongue.gif

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The service is called 'Royal Mail Local Collect'.

Yes, they deliver it to your local post office and then you come and collect it.

The small post offices often dont know what to do with it though, but normally manage to distribute the stuff OK. They are supposed to log it into a system though which often doesnt get done, or gets done twice - so if the sender is receiving reports on what has been collected and when (I do software for a big internet retailer) they get all kinds of rubbish back!!

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