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Change rear brake light


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Last night while driving home the DIS started pinging and telling me my left rear brake light was gone.

I havent had a chance to look at how to access the light cluster, but I had a search and UberBlingMeister wrote this about accessing the Avant.

Rear -

1. Locate the two circles in the trim adjacent to the rear light cluster in the boot. Pull the trim back slightly (it is clipped in at certain positions).

2. Expose the hex type bolt, which is on the side of the boot and is holding the unit in place - commonly surrounded with a plastic ring.

3. Undo bolt and remove - the rear light cluster will now easily come out.

4. Unclip the bulb mounting board from the plastic cluster, which can be placed safely somewhere (i.e. in the boot!).

5. Replace the bulbs - caution 0 the brake light is at right angles to the others, so forget LEDS (sorry guys!)

6. Reverse all actions!


Is it the same for the B6 Saloon ?

Thanks beerchug.gif

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£1.99 for 2 @ Halfords 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

One of mine went at the weekend, i normally get them from a local place as they only charge pennies however as i was passing Halfords i popped in and got a pack of two.

The first one i put in must have been wired back to front, as the brake light came on when i put the lights on and the tail light came on when i applied the brake. smashfreakB.gif

Thought at first i had jammed the bulb in the wrong way around, but no, the offset prongs lined up fine in the housing and wouldnt fit the other way.

Guess thats why you get two in a pack. 169144-ok.gif

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I noticed there was a spare socket with nothing in on the left hand rear light. Something to do with the fog light maybe???.


[/ QUOTE ]

Exactly. It's for the fog light - but don't bother fitting a bulb, it won't work.

My 2003 S4 had the contacts to be able to fit the bulb, but my 2004 S4 didn't even have the contacts. I suppose if you've got the contacts you could wire the LH bulb in parallel with the RH bulb to get 2 rear fog lights - like the B7 has.

Please let's not have the "they don't fit 2 because it looks like brake lights" discussion again. The B7 has 2 fog lights and cars now have 3 brake lights - so that argument is dung.gif

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