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Oh dear


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I had a crash like that just a yr ago in the 106 (thats a 1998) and CIS paid up £1990 repair.

Then about 8 months ago on the other side


£1250, new door and wing re-sprayed and dent removal.

I just told CIS i couldent get another car like it (plus the CIS approved garage told CIS it was mint). Also, if you look around too you will find adverts for your car @ like £2900 which are good to print out and send in with your claim!!

Here it is repaired in the snow the other day



EDITED: Due to REALLY bad spelling.

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she is a 19 yr old student, she has no money wink.gif

Whatever the case I will sort this out for her

[/ QUOTE ]

Sounds like 52 x Saturdays working for you at £40 a day.

Least she is okay 169144-ok.gif and hopefully the person she hit hasn't got a fictive neck injury that warrants the standard £4k ins pay out.

Kids, don't you just smlove2.gif them crazy.gifgrin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

The other guy was actually a really decent chap, he had a merc e class, barely a scratch on that 169144-ok.gif

This sounds expensive ...

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