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Windows Vista & WMDC??


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Morning all. After spending much of my weekend trying to upgrade an XP Media Center Laptop to Vista Ultimate, i appear to have fixed the numerous compatibility issues (was bloody hard work) however iPAQ synis not working at all.

Basically Activesync is not compatible with Vista so you have to download Windows Mobile Device Center (looks far better than AS) however what the install does not mention is the need to un-install AS first. I quickly worked this out & then had to manually remove a few AS files still lurking, but for love nor money can i get the device to sync correctly.

Vista can see the device & DOES partner with it & even picks it up on connection & starts a Sync, however it just stays at the Sync screen with what appears to be no activity as the taskbar never moves.

Now does the very 1st Sync take a very long time?? as i'm only syncing Email, calendar & contacts or is their a bigger problem?? I checked the Microsoft BBS & could see that people have had problems with WMDC but i follwed all instruction, even un-installing & re-installing a few times but still no joy. Has anyone got this working yet & if so what procedure did you use?? One thing i can't do & not sure if this is a problem, is un-install Activesync from my iPAQ but i'm sure the device needs this.

Please please help?? This is the only thing that i can't get to work & after taking 2 months to set-up this iPAQ i really don't want to lose the data again.


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