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Picked the 335i Touring up today...


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What a feckin' amazin' car!!!!!! EEK2.GIF

I have had a few failry nice cars before including the S4, 535d DMS and the M3 CSL, but this thing is truly stunning.

Won't compare it with the S4 at all to be fair, you don't by an Audi cause of the way it drives, you buy it because you want a safe car that has a nice interior...end of.

Seem to be getting about the same MPG as the 535d, well 27mpg on the journey home and I always got 28mpg from the 535d doing that journey, so that is a bonus. But the handling of the 3 series is in a completely different league, the steering, the weight (although this may also be because of the petrol engine compared with having diesel before) and balance, and just the overall grin factor when coming down the twisties. It feels more like the M3 than the 535d, but soaks everything up so much better.

The engine is truly stunning, nice and relaxed when you need it to be, but plant your foot and grin, the thing just keeps going, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000rpm and then the new auto box changes seriously quickly, as quick as the SMG in the M3 but silky smooth, and there you are again, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and up! Before you know it you are into seriously high figures on the speedo and without any fuss at all. To be honest it is a little to secure feeling, if you are doing 140mph in the CSL you know about it, you feel on the edge, this just eats those speeds up, actually better than the 5 series which is a suprise.

I came off the dual carrigeway and did the last 20 miles home along some really twisty back roads, the E90 chassis really has moved on things nicely compared with the E46, alot more sure footed, even though it was snowing and 1ºc outside it still stuck to the road like glue!

The new M3 will be something, very, very special. FIREdevil.gif

I have to admit, although I was really looking forward to getting this, I was a little worried that it would be an anticlimax after owning the CSL, but I am so, so pleased I got it, and really pleased I had a go with the i and not the d, I am sure the d is just as good, but this time it had to be the straight six! 169144-ok.gif

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Gizze - how does the touring handle with the extra weight over the rear wheels? I have been seriously considering a 335i saloon, but the need for carting double baby buggies around is forcing me down the touring route.

I really like the shape and profile of the touring, but they do need a set of 19" CSL replicas imo - any pictures anyone?

Also - do the blackline rear light clusters fit the touring?

PS - congratulations on your new purchase. Hope that new car feeling remains with you longer than with your S4 avant!!

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Yeah I have the blacklines on mine, hate the regular lights.

I would just buy OEM CSL wheels to be honest, they fit a treat. 169144-ok.gif

The touring handles exactly the same, I couldn't tell a difference between the coupe and the touring when I took them both out. Some people say the touring is better balanced, but I think they are talking shite, I bet 99% of people would not ba able to tell what they were in if they didn't know.

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