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Bagged A8


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just bought this 1997 3.7 v8 anthracite pearl black with black leather.

3 owners and just over 50,000 miles smile.gif with a years tax and test

awesome car in stunning condition... love it to bits

Its going to get bagged and eventually it will be sat on 20's.

Spent today cleaning the engine bay and giving it a polish... looks more like 1 year old not 10!!





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Looks really swell, like its been loved and well cared for.... I drove my first 3.7 non quattro today, and I was quite surprised at it.... It drove a little different, but not in a bad way at all... Far better turning circle, and even with 180K miles on the clock, it drove smoother than most quattros I've driven..., so at 50K miles, I reckon thats probably a really nice motor with a lot of life left in it.... Enjoy smile.gif

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Waxed 4 times in three weeks EEK2.GIF your more nuts than me grin.gif

I use meguiars APC on the wheels but if you've got tar spots then use some WD40 to remove them withthe wheels off, once all dried then I seal the wheels with some Klasse AIO. 169144-ok.gif

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