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WR1 after 6 weeks


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Or to give it it’s full name..... Subaru Impreza WRX STi WR1 lol.gif

People always ask what’s the figs and the MPG, so lets get these out of the way first


0-60 4.25

0-100 10.6

Standing quarter 12.7


420NM or 310 ft lbs at 4K RPM

Fuel consumption

I’ve not been taking real care with recording it as at the moment I spend more time “driving for fun” than I do “just getting somewhere” and so I don’t think I could give any real answers except I think when pushed hard, it actually does better than my old WRX, but that could return 8 MPG ! I’m probably getting around 20-25 which is not too bad given the amount of time I’m out playing 169144-ok.gif


Handling is very good as you would expect from such a car it is hard enough without being too hard. In the wet it feels very sure footed (but this may be the sticky tyres - P Zero Nero) even with the fact it is only (I think) 1300 kg. Much better than my old WRX. The car will really drop onto its haunches and fly if booted hard on the exit from a roundabout, I’m sure the “clever” center diff has something to do with this as the diff will manage the torque split depending on the conditions, you also have manual control over this, but I’ve left it where it is for now (on auto). Turn in is very sharp and it feels very well balanced mid corner, still not playing with it to the full effect and this will take time, I get the feeling that it could catch you out if you hit the power at the wrong moment. I’m sure there is lift-off over-steer if I was brave enough to try it, but with the massive grip levels, I’ve not been brave enough yet.

Performance is amazing

The Figs are 0-60 in 4.25, 0 – 100 in 10.6 and standing quarter in 11.7. There is oodles of grunt when the engine is spinning (above 2500 RPM) and this grunt goes all the way to the redline at 7250 and rev limit kicks in at around 8. I still have the rev alarm set at 6K as this feels about right so I don’t over-rev too much. In gear times are very good too and in reality as long as you are over 2500revs it does not really matter which gear you are in. Driving fast is a fairly frantic affair as the engine spins up very quickly and so while accelerating you are pulling a new gear every second or so. To get the best of the car you really must be in the best bit of the torque curve which is between 3 and 5.8K and if you put your foot down, you don’t stay in this band for long. For cruising and long distances a 7th gear would be useful !

Gear box

The shift is swift and precise and moving along all 6 forward gears is simple as falling off a log once you remember you have 6th to go to; 7th would be nice to keep the revs below the “growl zone” as things do get a little noisy above 3K revs. The cogs are close together and so a quick take off is a fairly frantic affair.


Brakes (Brembo all around) and very good too, I’ve not had any “full anchors” moments yet, but a few real firm presses and I’ve not got the ABS to kick in yet the car just stops, but it is fairly light !


On idle, it rumbles quite loudly – The Prodrive pipes do that !, it will wake the rest of the road up if you are not careful. Boot it hard and it will make a fantastic noise on full chat and sounds very loud under bridges grin.gif

When driving, the noise is fine up to about 3K revs which converts to about 80 in 6th (so in theory, the gears will take you to over 200 if you really want to(but I’d expect the drag to overtake the torque fairly quickly at those speeds), but I think it is limited to 160. And cruising at 80 (on private roads of course) is fine, 90+ gets a little hard on the ears – this is not really a long range cruiser !


Very nice Recaro’s in the front – adjustable in all the right ways including height; comfy and very supportive in the right paces – a nice place to sit; Leather was an option, but not installed on my car.

3 seats across the back (small arse in the middle) all with proper belts and ISO fix for the little ones. Standard car seats fitted for the kids 169144-ok.gif

Middle of the rear seat goes down as a Ski chute but the seats themselves do not come down.

Internal trim

It’s basic, but better than older scoobies, but not up to the Audi standard, but I guess Subaru spent the money at Prodrive and not at the wood mill.

Dials, stalks and layout

Subaru have changed the indicators over to the LHS of the steering wheel which most will approve of. Dials are clear, adjustable steering wheel makes it possible for most to drive it. There are a fair few icons and bulbs around the dash, Rev limit Warning is slap bang in the middle as you would want it. Dials are large and clear and the important dials and buttons are in the right places. Front and rear fog lights are hidden away down the right side of the console along with the inter cooler spray – need a hot day to try that one lol.gif

External lights

Front light’s are excellent (Zenons I think) and putting the chav lights on (sorry driving lights) does make a massive difference and would be useful driving down the lanes as it improves the width of the light but in reality these are not needed. Interestingly, they will only come on when the main lights are on full beam.


All fine out the front, but the wing on the back does obscure some of the view out the back at the sides. I’m learning to live with it ! You also need to be carefull with kerbs as it sits 25mm lower at the front.


Apart from the 4 pots under the bonnet, my car has a CD tuner and a 6 play box under the passenger seat – not sure if this is standard, but it drives the 6 speakers well. Currently too busy listening to pot music to car too much what is coming out of the speakers. But it does sound good grin.gif

Running costs

None yet except V power. Other owners say that tyres can be eaten in as little as 5K miles if driven hard, but I suppose with 320BHP and soft tyres this sounds plausible.

Living with it

It is noisy and so is not good for a quiet get away. It is a fairly hard ride and can be tiring on a long trip – did 130 miles in one hit no problems, but not a car to go to the south of France in ! You also need to be careful with the 18” rims, already scratched one smashfreakB.gif But the performance makes up for it, spin it up and boot it and all hell breaks loose (ask Ian_C), yes to take off quickly it’s frantic, roaring exhaust, beeping rev limit warning and grabbing gears every second or so but it is fun, Subtle, nope....

The boot has plenty of space and there is enough room for my sailing kit and my extensive set of tools.

So in summary

It goes like stink, sticks to the road and will carry 4 people in (some) comfort and at great speed if you want to! Oh, and the colour is fantastic !



18 ins diameter P-FF7 (Prodrive Flow Forming seven-spoke) alloy wheels:


Edit to Correct standing 1/4 !

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Forgot to say that the WR1 was built as a result of Petter Solberg winning the WRC in 2003. Subaru sent 500 STi's off to prodrive to do their stuff.

To Summarize

1, Remap to 320bhp

2, New exhaust system

3, WR1 Colour - Metalic Ice Blue - only WR1's come in this colour

4, Prodrive Suspension

5, Lower the front by 25mm

6, Lower the rear by 10mm

7, Revised cloth inside

8, 18" rims Prodrive rims

9, Numbered Tax disk holder

10, Keyring (mine missing frown.gif )

and a few other bits and bobs.

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Lovely car buddy!

You got plans to take it on a track day? Or better yet take it to Nurburgring for a weekend.

What are the service untervals/costs?

[/ QUOTE ]

Ring, not at the moment

Serving is

5K oil and filters

Otherwise anually

As my milage will be low, probably one service (old and annual) every 11 months

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The only Impreza of that age/model to come in Ice Blue is the WR1.

However you can buy a standard 2006/7 2.5 WRX in Ice Blue.

Annoying I know. They did exactly the same with WR Blue after the Terzo too. tongue.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Nope; Subaru call it "Aqua Blue" and they might be a different colour, they might not !

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