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Good deal or Bad deal ??


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I reckon a full spec Cupra Leon will set you back about 23k it might be FIREdevil.gif but the value is bound to go down like a cheep you know what in comparison to your R. You dont say what spec your R is but I imagine its worth about the same if you wanted to buy it with a waranty etc. Could you live without the six pot soundtrack?

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Motorpoint are selling Cupra's with delivery miles for £17k

A full, top spec Cupra can be had from any Seat dealer for £19k cash deal having nibbled them down from £20k ish.

On the plus side the Seat Cupra engine is identical to the S3 lump and rumours abound of Cupra owners seeing 260+ bhp on a rolling road / dyno test.

I like the Cupra, but the plastic between the driver and passage (lower dash) looks like poo, and the dark headlining makes the car the perfect place for a wake.

I would have thought a decent spec R32, 20 months old would book at about £22k- so ignore the dealer, then again you could ask for a weekend test drive just so you can say you've tried it.

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Another point to note is I don't think the new Cupra is selling that well primarily because it looks the same as the FR plus the interior is cr@p and I'm was a great fan of the original Cupra R. I did have a tear in my eye when i sold it even although I had a new R32 on order.

I think Seat will seriously need to put on the Aero kit as standard to the Cupra to increase sales.

Keep the R32 and don't get drawn into a new car for the sake of it.

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I've just come back from test drive in a new cupra, looking to get into something newer with warranty and after just buying my first house funds are tighter than before

Car only had 30miles on the clock so felt very tight and i didnt like to give it full revs(didnt seem right - esp as i could be buying the same car) also it was basic spec cupra with no extras like Bluetooth or convenience pack.

Cupra felt quick but car didnt seem to have the WOW factor esp when after test drive parked next to basic leon and wasnt much difference - cupra's looks seemed understated. Also the interior seemed lower quality esp coming from my Mk4 R32 with full leather etc.

For the price its seems a very good car, id take it over a VXR or Megane. I think the option for me would be to keep my car and wait for a year for the Golf GTI Edtion 30 to come down in price, which offers the same engine but better looks and interior(which justifies the higher price tag)

So if i was you id stick with your R32 beerchug.gif

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