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Freebie HPi / car check ?? Anyone

Calm Chris

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Is there anyone that has a facility to HPi / vechicle check a potential purchase for me confused.gif

I need a check on a BMW Reg LR56 ZGK

Detail I have are:-

BMW 330D 3.0 M SPORT Saloon

2006 56 (09-11-2006)

Miles 14,569


Mileage 14,569

Would like to confirm 1 owner only, validate the reg keeper and to confirm it's not on any insurance register grin.gif

No problem if no one can do it, I'll sort out a HPi 1st thing tomorrow 169144-ok.gif

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Auctions- I'm starting to hate them.

Bid on 3 cars 330 d MS, 325 d MS Touring and even a 120 d MS, missed out on all of them.

The 120d MS was a 5 door 06 with 40k miles, it had 3 service stamps and was very, very well looked after. It went for £13,700 (or £14,500 after buyers premium).

Silly thing is you could buy one at a dealers for about £500 more with the secuirity of prep, service and fault free


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My 120D M Sport on contract hire goes back to BMW next month(well straight to auction I imagine), before my new A5 arrives grin.gif.

I've had BMW ring me a couple of times asking me if I'd like to buy it off them, out of interest I asked for a price and was told it would be £16,127.

That's for a two year old car with 12k miles.

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