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Anyone got one on here yet - B8?


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Saw one today on an 08 plate and then almost straight away saw two B7 A4s on 08 plates.

[/ QUOTE ]

A lot of dealers have pre registered the old shape to clear them out and are offering them at reduced prices ie £4k off list!

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AND TOO expensive - just specced my car in the new shape and got £31,600 :eek:


AND too heavy, over 100kgs more - that's one BIG passenger ALL of the time!

Have you guessed what i think of the new car yet?

Not just Audi guilty, BM are as bad. Remember the nice light powerful cars of yesteryear/ The BMW 2002, Triumph Dolly Sprint............................

OK don't :roflmao:

The argument was that they did not take a crash well.

Answer don't crash it. If you know it folds in a shunt drive carefully.

:rolleyes: Phew, rant over. Pass me a beer.

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A Lot smaller?

Erm, 6mm narrower, (0.25 inch) across the mirrors, 29 mm narrower across the body (1.25 inch) and 213mm shorter (8.3 inch).

I reckon that is pretty close. :eek:

I'll say it again - its TOO big. :(:ffs:

Its the length people look at, as they say, and 213mm is a lot in car terms. Not saying I disagree with your sentiment but that is only a tad less than the gap between the A3 Sportback and B6/B7 A4. Of course it means that the new A6 will be through 5m and the new A8 will have a double bed in it.

The main issue I reckon is the width - cars are getting so much wider and roads are not - lots more dinged doors in car parks and mirror to mirror contact on the road.

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Had a good look round the new A4 in lpool Audi yesterday...

Does seem visually smaller in the back..

The cockpit was superb imho .....layout is an improvement on the old B7, again imho.

Car looks so much bigger than the old B7 close up......maybe too big...

Visually nice and balanced...just not sure now on the size...

(Did drool over a 57 plate RS4 in grey,they are stunning cars )

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Pics please +++

Here it is. It's all in it's wrapping just seconds off the transporter. Sorry about the back end of the car being cut off....Arran's photo skills aren't that good! He's a better Audi tech..honest.

Maybe another photo tomorrow when it's been fully PDI'd and undressed

:D :D :D: :D


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