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My new Titanium Silver 130i M Sport :-))


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Hi all

This is my new (to me) '07 130i M Sport that i picked up a couple of weeks ago to replace my 3year old Skoda Fabia vRS.

I'm totally smitten by this car and it amazes me how similar this car is compared to my previous E46 M3 which I also loved ;) and for a fraction of what I paid for my new M3!

My previous M3


My Previous Skoda


My new 130i








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Looks really nice.. think we'll be going for a silver 120d for the wife later in the year.. nice neutral colour, dont really want 2 black bm's on the drive! Ive got a black 120d 5 door atm (see general cars for my blown turbo thread) and its a great little car.. goes really well with the 2.0 litre engine.. must be a corker with the 3 litre!

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I'm definitely enjoying it. Looking for excuses to go out for a drive!

I was originally looking for a Le Mans blue example but this one came up at such a good price that I couldn't refuse and when I saw it in the flesh I just said WOW!

It's my first silver car so it's hello to low maintenance :)

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I've just got back from a weekend at the Nurburgring and am totally totally blown away with how capable the 130 was. It's got different wheels and tyres, which have really helped it feel planted, but the chassis is very neutral. It was very easy to balance the understeer with a bit of throttle.

LoRes pic below (excuse the pigeon feathers in the grill... luckly no damage, to the grill!)


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ACS do suggest putting 225/40/18 tyres on the back as well instead of the 255/35/18's if you want to dial out the understeer a little more.

But the 255/35's look so very nice :grin:

Is there a size in between they recommend? I think after the cooking they got at the weekend, replacements will be due very shortly... the front left even with some air taken out was melting after two hot laps.

What tyres would you go for? The Goodyear F1 Assys are great on the 5, but still £160 a corner.

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I love them on that car!!

I have to admit, I'm really missing the 1 series.

I honestly do think it is the best car I have owned. It is the only car I have regretted selling other than the CSL. I miss having the 535d sport touring too, but never really hankered after another one like I am with the 1 series.

I do regret selling the ACS alloys now (as I suspect you do too mate), they made the 130 look so darn good.

Funny you should mention you miss the 1 series so much. After spending yesterday hammering round Brands in the M3... there was a 135i Coupe with all the BMW Performance bits (seats, brakes, etc) in Le Man Blue... I did think to myself "now that would be a hoot!". I think I would have had just as much fun in the 130 yesterday (if it had the old ACS alloys on , not the sheit original 18" RFT's that are on there now).... the 1 series really is that good.

The M3 would muller the 130 round a bigger track like Silverstone or the 'Ring, it really is a missile.... :grin:

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