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The trip of a life time


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This is something I have always wanted to do but never knew really existed, the by chance on another forum someone sent me a link to this website Wide Open Excursions | Off-Road Driving Adventure :: 949.635.2292 | Wide Open Excursions | Off-Road Driving Adventure :: 949.635.2292

i have opened up the floor to my three favourite forums, puregt and s9 :)

We have 2 options :

1. Once a year they do a 7 day schlep which runs all the way from ensenada to cabo san lucas. This is something over 1000 miles in total. This trip is set sept 29th to October the 5th. There are 2 catches. Firstly it costs 7.7k usd per person .Secondly they need a minimum of 6 people to make it happen.

If I can get the 6 people, this is what I'd like to do. The real deal! I have one off the forum which is about 50% so far.


2. Virtually every week they run a 4 day course around Ensenada , a loop . This costs $4.4k per person.

* the cars weigh 2500lbs, has 190bhp, 2.5ltr na subaru engine and can do around 95mph. There are no speed limits and you can drive as fast as you are capable. I told him we were all Porsche drivers and knew how to handle savage beasts ;)

* accommodation - we have the choice of luxury or not so much. This is additional cost. The price just includes the drive.

* the weather - 80-95 degs

* you do around 150 miles per day , all off road, some on the actual baja course. We stop ever 1.5 hours to change passengers. Helmets have radio and cars have gps.

Any questions let me know. I am very serious.

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