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A name the old timers might remember


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Have they run out of names so they're having to rehash old ones or are we saying the Monza was such a classic that what it represented should be brought back in 2013?

To me, the Monza was a classic. Preferred it to ANY Capri of the time. Shame they were rare.

Had 2 Senators - the old boxy one (1985) and a newer one with the egg cutter grille. Both with the 3.0 straight six. Only the 12 valve with (only) 177 bhp & 177 ft lb. Happy days! +++

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I think there's one of these in an unadopted road ( backing onto the dunes by the sea) in Hemsby ( Norfolk)... generally populated by 'old' folk... with old cars!

I'll be near there again inn a couple of weeks and i'll take a walk and see if it's still there.

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Have they run out of names so they're having to rehash old ones

Don't know if that's the case here, but it is really difficult for a multinational business to come up with a name that is available, protectable, and not rude in any of their markets.

That's why you get dull names like Focus and weird ones like Ghibli.

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Remember? Too right.

Friend of mine had a Fiesta Supersport (Mark I) and he kept it in pristine condition. This was largely due to his Father having drummed car care into him from a very early age - and he had...

..an Irmscher Monza! A very rare thing indeed and I never got a go in it. But I do recall watching it disappear over the top of Lythe Bank exiting Sandsend as if it was about to take off and fly back to where he lived! It was white and a truly wonderful thing.

His Dad still had that car in 1996 when I lost touch with him, and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they still had it now.

It looked a bit like the car in the link below (it was white too) except for the silly stickers on the front. It had the side stickers. Like a 1980's Atari video game. It seemed so cool at the time.

Irmscher Opel Monza

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