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Calling NNMM!!! Calliing NNMM!!! New 5 Series


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Seeing the new 5 might make me wait to change my car or see if there are any good lease deals going potentially. 

If the new 5 GT takes that interior and I highly suspect it will as its similar to the old 7 inside I will be delighted. 530xd GT please. +++

So far discussions to change mine haven't got well, low ball silly offers on over priced cars that aren't moving isn't helping things so I'm sitting things out at the moment. 

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The new 7 series dash display is modelled directly on the MFD in the 5 series.  The main centre dials are identical in my car but the outer dials are new as is the clock.  It is a superb system and whatever model I get next, it'll have to have the MFD fitted (whether standard or as an option).

The current S Class is relatively new (it was only released in 2014).  I've sat in one and it was a very nice place to be but I personally don't think it is up the 7 series level.  I think the Audi A8 has a nicer interior than the S Class too and I've never have thought I'd say that.

My understanding of the S Class sales are that they, and indeed the A8 and 7 series, have been badly affected in the USA by the Tesla Model S.  A lot of executive car buyers have gone for the Tesla and continue to. 

Last week it was revealed that the S Class had a 42% drop in sales in Q3 alone.  The 7 series had much better figures but Tesla still sold more Model S's than Mercedes and BMW combined. 

You can see the news article on it here.

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Yes, German car interiors are definitely still progressing at pace.  The jump between previous and new models almost seems to be getting bigger and bigger each time?

(well the above applies to BMW and Audi - I'm not sure about Mercedes with their iPads haha, not sat in a Merc for years)

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I feel a bit sorry for Merc. The new E Class's interior was unanimously hailed in the motoring press as a huge leap above its rivals. Only to be dumped firmly back in its place by the new 5 Series within a year.

Haven't seen a new E Class interior myself but I quite like the exterior styling, if only because debadged it is indistinguishable from an S Class unless you park it next to one. However it'd only ever be above a 5 series on my list if I was entering the airport exec taxi business.

When's the A6 due for refresh? Must be soon?

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