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pd and tdi


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The PD is the newer VAG group diesel technology.

They evolved loosely as follows (i think)


1.9 TDI 90 bhp

1.9 <font color="red">T</font>Di Variable Geometry Turbo, 110 HP

1.9 <font color="red">TD</font>i 115bhp and using the Pumpe Duse injection system

1.9 <font color="red">TDi</font> 130bhp PD

1.9 GTI (Diesel) 150 bhp PD

2.0 TDi 140bhp PD


(Pigeon Mechanics)

PD was VAG's answer to common rail diesel technology. Common rail has all injectors taking fuel from a high pressure shared 'rail'.

The difference with PD is that each injector is its own high-pressure pump firing that fuel into the combustion chamber like a real goodun.

Prior to that, the 90 and 110bhp models relied on traditional diesel injection technologies, albeit direct injection 169144-ok.gif

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1.9 TDI (1Z Engine) 90 bhp (Normal FBW Pump)

1.9 TDI (AFN Engine) 110 bhp (Normal FBW Pump)

1.9 TDI (ATD Engine) 100 bhp (Unit Injector System PD)

1.9 TDI (AJM Engine) 115 bhp (Unit Injector System PD)

1.9 TDI (ASZ Engine) 130 bhp (Unit Injector System PD)

1.9 TDI (AVB Engine) 150 bhp (Unit Injector System PD)

2.0 16v TDI 140 bhp (Unit Injector System PD)

The 110 bhp model was also sold as a GT TDI in 1999 / 2000.

Then the 130 was the GT TDI, then the 150. Can't VW make up their minds!! lol

PD is not even similar to common rail. with the injectors getting their pressure (1000's of PSI) from the rotation of the camshaft, injected via an electrical pulse from the ECU. BOSCH EDC15P, and BOSCH EDC16 on the 2.0 TDI.

PD was originally used on lorry's and buses, from the early 90's to cut down on emmisions.

The injectors are upwards of £400 each!!! lol

Hope this helps.


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Hi guys -

Im looking at buying a golf this week, 2000-2001. Any advice to which model. I have around £6500 to spend, and am not sure which TDI model to get.

Ive read that quite a few of the head gaskets on the pd115 are failing.

Anyway, im looking in the autotrader, and I am not sure what the difference between the 1.9 S TDI and the 1.9 SE TDI is.

I can see PDMaster post above specifying the different BHP and engine types, is there anyway I can work how they correlate when im looking through the autotrader.

Just wanted some advice/help so I buy a good one this week...lol.



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Most people who sell their cars will be able to tell you if it is a PD or not, most 2000 onwards Golfs are PD's (but not all) if it posted as either;

100, 115, 130 or 150 bhp then it's a PD.

The 90 & 110 are The older type.

6500 won't get you a 150 in any case (unless it's nackered), and may not even stretch to a 130, perhaps one with a gazillion miles.

I have not heard many horror stories about the 115's (any in fact), or at least none that haven't been down to neglect, and in any case, they use the same head gasket as the 130 / 150, so it's just bad luck most likely, plus the 115 has been out the longest, and hence has sold the most.

If it were me, I would either look for a real nice tidy 110 GT Tdi, or spend a bit more time and find a low mileage 115, but you may not have enough money for that.

The SE will have Air Con, leccy windows in the rear, plush (not sporty) seats etc etc.

The S model is the "council house" model, but nice regardless.

£6500 will get you a real nice tidy 00 GT TDI 110 (Red eye).

Most PD's will have the Red Dee Eye.

Hope that helps


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If you shop around you can get a 130 for that kinda money, I paid £6500 for my Bora 130PD sport on an 02. Only draw back being it had 93k on the clock, however if treated right (ie full VAG history) there just 'ran-in' at this milage.

[/ QUOTE ]

And how would I know it was a 130 by lookign at it ? Is there anyway of telling when im checking out them on-linne .i.e. SE TDI ?


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What is the exact reason PD engines are able to make the crazy turbo spool sound when its straight piped (sometimes even just de-muffled)?

I recently bought a Golf 6 1.6 tdi 105hp from 2011, but i must admit im a bit dissapointed by the exhaust mod result.. If you DPF delete and straight pipe it, it will make some sound for sure but unlike the PD engines it wont make the turbo spool.

Can someone inform me what the reason for this is? And maybe it would be possible to "make" it possible to happen.


Thanks in advance,


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