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My mate hates me


When is dinner?  

  1. 1. When is dinner?

    • It's the evening meal, of course
    • Are you mad, any sane person has dinner in the middle of the day
    • You people are so one-dimensional, it's the main meal, no matter when that happens

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Well it all started a few days after I started talking to his sister...

We were happily chatting away on MSN, he was telling me about his Saturday night (that's 9th July) and he happened to include this:

I made Leah cry by driving up to her car and then braking really late.

So I thought I'd do some detective work sekret.gif as the last bit seems perfectly normal for him, but the making her cry didn't strike me as real.

Turned out I was correct. She didn't cry.

So when I reported back to him what my research told, he went insane for about 30 seconds, then blocked and deleted my MSN, followed by getting rid of my number from his phone.

My initial thoughts were that he was just having a bad day and he'll cheer up sooner or later.

But nah, when I text him all he says is 'who's this' and when I phone him he doesn't answer (so has he got rid of my number...hmmm)

So I'm suspecting it's something a bit more than me asking Leah if he made her cry. And I'm suspecting that it's cos I'm talking to his sister and getting on with her quite well.

BUT, here's a fact: The only reason we're talking is because he told me to write her a note explaining I like her and stick my number on the bottom then drop it through the door.

And that's what I did. I did exactly what HE told me to do.

And it's not like I'm actually dating his sister, I'm just talking to her a lot.

And anyway, he's being completely childish about it all and not even trying to resolve any issues and is just ignoring me constantly. So should I care if he's gonna be like that?

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That may be a point Sayerbloke...but do you honestly believe it?

[/ QUOTE ]

If this was two females arguing, then yes. It`s precisely the sort of thing they`d fall out over. But I don't know how emo your mate is. Ask him if he wants to go for a drink down the local. Tell him you`ll buy the first round. That solves most problems. I mean, whilst rule 7 of being a bloke clearly states that "If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off-limits forever", he did seem to be fair enough with it at first, so the possiblity that he`s just annoyed that you wanted her to confirm what he said [rather than just take him at his word] may be it. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a mad person? smile.gif

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He's not very emo at all. I think it was probably more because they'd just fallen out big style after he crashed his car with her in it and she's claiming on his insurance that he doesn't have anymore etc. etc. and now they're just getting talking and alright again and I asked if he made her cry by doing what he did.

I mean fair enough, maybe I shouldn't have asked...but if they're just getting back to being alright with each other again, then maybe he shouldn't have done that to her anyway...

But yeah, I'll give it a go. Even though I've NEVER asked him if he wants to go to the pub before.....nervewracking.

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Girls- Play nicely!

Thorburn why do you keep on posting insults at Beeze? That's quite a few recently where you have implied a certain amount of loathing.

It ok not to get on with every TSNer, but hey, what's with the CONSTANT bitch?

Chill pill or don't respond, that's the way forward. Being nasty, is well, nasty and isn't showing your mature side is it? tongue.gifznaika.gif

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That second answer could get very messy.

Beez, I said because you're talking to (or shall we say chatting up?) his sister, and not with the way he's acting.

But really, I think it's probably because he thinks you're a bit of a tit.

Then again, why should you worry - presumably his sister's better looking then he is?

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I reckon he's pissed cos you didn't just take his word for it, you felt the need to ask the other party. The fact that the "other party" was his sister doesn't help. And yes, you should care because he's your mate.

I appreciate he gave you the all clear to have a crack at his sister but you must remember to him, you are his mate, and not his sisters fella. 169144-ok.gif

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No no no, I didn't ask his sister if he made leah cry by doing what he said he did...that'd be silly, cos he doesn't talk to/like his sister, so he's not gonna invite her out with his buds.

And am I his mate confused.gif

Just don't know anymore.

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