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Picked up the new car today!


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Well, after my well documented problems with Audi, I've had enough and opted for a cash refund.

With a lot of factors in mind, least of all running costs and the ever increasing cost of petrol, I've gone for 'a bit of a curved ball'!

It'll not be to everyones taste and I may have to resign from TSN as it's a performance car community but hey-ho smile.gif

Well anyway, it was available for immediate delivery so here it is:

Nissan Micra 1.2 S 5 door cool.gif

I thought about going for the Sport or SVE but it didn't seem worth it for the extra cost.

It's not the quickest car on the road but still manages to push out 80bhp and an impressive 81 lbft of torque wink.gif

It's got all you need, well almost:

Electric windows

Remote central locking

Rev counter

Digital clock

Wheel trims so no more kerbed alloys

4 speed/6 position hot/cold blower (no aircon frown.gif)

And best of all, it comes with ISOFIX and passenger airbag deactivation yelrotflmao.gif

Note - I know I haven't blanked out the number plate; I don't really feel the need to tongue.gif









Well, what do you think? SMOKE6.GIF

[puts on flameproof suit]

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I know everybody will think this is a wind up - but I can vouch for this 100%!!! NONO3.GIF

That is MILO's new car. Not his wifes, not his next door neighbours, not the 17 year old daughter of the bloke across the road from him (although I'd give her one!) - it is Milo's new car. 169144-ok.gif

I can see the sense in it and I think you have to have spoken to him in depth to appreciate how pissed off he became with Audi Customer Service. SAUER0421.GIF

What he hasn't told you is that even Nissan fecked up because it was meant to have a nice looking set of alloys on it! yelrotflmao.gif

It's just not your year Milo! jump.gif

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The reason the passenger airbag has been deactivated is because no fecker will get in it with him. jump.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah if you think a Clio 182 Trophy is French tat MrMe god only knows what you think of a 1.2 Micra. Nissan are owned by Renault after all..............

BUB grin.gif

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